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I see life in frames. While I drive, while I work, while I walk; I’m always seeing photographs. I find myself carrying a camera everywhere now. I write down notes to remember certain places where I saw an awesome shot in hopes to revisit that same place again to capture it. Landscapes, close-ups, funky angles, urban scenes, country scenes, people, and places are just a few of my favorite photography subjects. I have a photojournalist style of photography that I find to be very artistic in nature. To me, this type of photography produces some of the most natural photos, capturing moments as they happen instead of forcing those moments to happen. As a Louisville native, I know the city well. I know the hidden gems, the parks, downtown, and the country, and I use this beauty to incorporate Louisville into your family portraits, senior portraits, wedding photos, and event photos.

It all started at Ballard High School high school when I rolled and developed my black and white film in a pitch dark closet like every other normal photographer. I loved working with an enlarger and chemically producing an image in a dark room…the analog version of today. I improvised techniques for production, and never wanted to take photographs that looked like everyone else’s. Through the years photography has changed quite a bit, but knowing the basics about a shutter release camera is still relevant even with today’s technology.

After high school I attended Miami University in Oxford, OH on a swimming scholarship. I continued my work in photography and even had my own dark room for a year. With a minor in graphic design I was slowly fitting my photography love into the digital world, learning how to use Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Flash.

4.5Months-BWNow, I’m a husband, a father, and a Realtor®. I work side by side with my brother as The Thomas Group at Keller Williams Louisville East, and I work side by side with my sister as Thomas Photography.

Since becoming a Realtor® in 2011, I have added videography to the menu as well! Shooting neighborhood pieces and live action videos for each of our Louisville property listings has sharpened my skills for fitting together the puzzle of raw footage to create a movie, a commercial, or a documentary video, no matter what the purpose for it is. From composing a scene and shooting it from different angles to editing a seamless transition and finding just the right music, I love doing it all!

There isn’t much else to say except that I love this art form. I want to bring my eye and expertise to your wedding or special event!


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