Originally from Louisville, KY, I am a husband, father, and a consultant for business entities as well as non-profit organizations. My professional time in Kentucky was spent running a real estate business and a photography business. My involvement in church and spending time with family filled the rest of the time. I really love Kentucky. It’s beautiful. Leaving was difficult, but it was the right thing to do.

I moved my family to Liverpool, England in 2020, right in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic. The city was basically locked down when we arrived, and believe me when I say that people in the UK follow the rules more than Americans. Thankfully, we were able to be out and about due to the work that we do here.

We came to Liverpool to work with an organization that welcomes and assists asylum-seekers and refugees arriving in the area. During lockdown we were delivering care packages, toiletries, food, warm clothing to many of the asylum-seekers and refugees in Liverpool, most of whom are awaiting some form of verdict on whether they will be allowed to stay, or be forced to return to their home country to face persecution and war.

After lockdown, we began to build friendships with the amazing refugee community. It’s wonderful to be able to spend a few hours painting, refinishing furniture, gardening, and just creating with people who literally left everything behind and now have nothing.

So my photography has morphed into something else completely. While I no longer shoot weddings, real estate listings, or family portraits, I do capture the beauty around me at every chance I get. Travel is easier and less expensive over here, so I’ve recorded my journeys and shared them here. Some of my photos are available to purchase. Have a look through the site and you can always contact me with questions or special requests. Thanks for being here!

Some typical items found in the refugee care packages we delivered during lockdown.

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