Casey & Chris

From the country outskirts of Jefferson county; to the suburbs of Shelby, Spencer, Oldham, and Nelson Counties; to the amazing urban landscape of central downtown Louisville… Kentucky is full of amazing scenery. Classic architecture, urban parks, waterfront views, and the amazing history of Louisville all play a major part in what type of memories you’ll create at your Louisville wedding. I love using these things to bring your wedding photos to life! I find that every engaged couple I meet with has a different idea or vision for their wedding. I also know that it’s the time I spend with couples prior to their wedding date that allows me to see, and share in their vision so that I can produce the images they are looking for. Casey and Chris scheduled their wedding ceremony and reception right in the middle of Louisville’s downtown business district. As a photographer, this was incredibly exciting to me. It also created some anxiety because the city is big, and full of beautiful frames. What on earth could I do to bring everything they wanted into their wedding photos? In standard fashion, my sister and I went to scout some locations before the big day. Funny enough, we accidentally went downtown on the day of Louisville’s Veterans’ Day parade, when there were thousands of people lining streets and sidewalks, street closings, and a smattering of hinderances. Although it took us a bit longer than we had planned, we managed to find some of the coolest spots to bring Casey and Chris, and the bridal party for their ultimate Louisville wedding photos. There are landmarks and things that you might find in every downtown Louisville wedding photograph out there, and then there are things that come with a little bit of research, and a whole lot of planning. This was another Louisville wedding where we had 4 different locations to shoot throughout a 6 or 7 block radius. Calculate travel, traffic, and getting everyone on the same page for wedding photos, and you find yourself in a tight window to get to the reception before the guests get hangry. We managed to make it work, and here are some of our favorite images from Casey and Chris’s wedding day!