Hi, I’m Justin.

My journey began in Kentucky, USA and has since taken me across the world. I shoot photos everywhere I go and some of them are available for purchase. I shoot portraits, street photography, landscapes, and can be commissioned. Journey with me!


From Kentucky, USA

My photography journey began in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The city itself is quite special to me. There are fantastic restaurants, a diverse music scene, parks, lakes, and spectacular views over the Ohio River from the center of the city out to the boondocks. Along the outskirts of Louisville, you will find gently rolling green fields…

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To Liverpool, England

In 2018, we made the decision to move to Liverpool, England. It was during a trip to meet friends and learn about their work with refugees that we really felt called to help. So we spent the next 2 years figuring out how to get back. Liverpool is a fantastic city! It’s not simply known…

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To San Roque, Spain

Travel in Europe is much easier and less expensive than travel in the US. My first journey out of England was to San Roque, Spain. San Roque is a very interesting place! Almost as far south as you can go in Spain, the nearest airport is Gibraltar. First and foremost, you need to have faith…

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To Kitengela, Kenya

Before Kitengela, I had never visited the continent of Africa. We went to visit some friends and facilitate some art and business training, but we ended up falling in love. The people we met are the most hospitable, caring, kind-hearted people you’ll ever meet. The weather was great (especially coming from England in February). My…

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