Kraft & Wyatt

Kraft & Wyatt’s Louisville wedding was such a joy to shoot! Each of their individual personalities came out incredibly strong as we progressed through the pre-wedding formals, throughout the wedding ceremony, and even in the reception photos. I have to be honest… reception photos are typically my least favorite of the wedding photos. I find that the newly married couple eventually agrees with that statement, however some engaged couples tell me that they really look forward to us documenting all the people and excitement at the wedding reception. Of course it makes sense to see all the things that you missed. Being the newlyweds means that you are spreading yourself super thin on the night of the wedding, and you barely remember anything you do because it happens so fast. Nevertheless, the reception photos end up being a nice piece to have, but they are rarely the wedding photos that end up in the photo album. In the case of Kraft and Wyatt, it was really difficult to differentiate between favorite photos. It’s because their personalities showed up, they were comfortable, and they were excited. There’s a lot to be said for the “first look” photo these day. When the bride and the groom decide to meet before walking down the aisle, it not only eases the tension, allowing the couple to breathe a sigh of relief, but it also creates a really intimate and special photography session. These things combined with fantastic weather, and a beautiful venue made Kraft and Wyatt easy subjects for their wedding photos. Here are some of our favorites from Kraft and Wyatt’s Louisville Wedding!