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To Tarifa, Spain

I visited Tarifa, Spain when I was in San Roque. It was only about an hour journey in the Jeep, and well worth it. On the drive in, you’re positioned high above the Mediterranean Sea with nothing but steep, grassy terrain and rocky cliffs between you. The views are flawless! As you approach Tarifa, the town begins to show off. White, textured exterior walls are brightly contrasted against the muted orange of the terracotta tile roofing and the black iron railing along the multitude of Juliette balconies. The streets are made of cobblestone and lined with orange trees and street lights that resemble old lanterns. You can smell the clean saltwater air as you wind through narrow streets dripping with historical charm. You finally stop when you’ve reached the southernmost point in Europe. On this particular day, it was the windiest place I have ever been. Just fierce and constant gales blowing with enough force to physically knock you over if you’re not paying attention. There’s a strip of pavement about wide enough to fit two cars side by side that splits the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. As you cross this divide, waves are crashing against the massive boulders on the Mediterranean side creating bursts of ocean spray and a constant mist. However, on the Atlantic side the water is calm. In fact it’s so calm it resembles a lake. The Mediterranean side is dotted with wind surfers, while the Atlantic side hosts the kite-boarders. At the end you find a wonderful little cove with it’s own private beach that looks like it belongs in a movie. On clear day, you catch views of Morocco in the distance. What a truly special place Tarifa, Spain is!