From Kentucky, USA

My photography journey began in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The city itself is quite special to me. There are fantastic restaurants, a diverse music scene, parks, lakes, and spectacular views over the Ohio River from the center of the city out to the boondocks. Along the outskirts of Louisville, you will find gently rolling green fields and horse farms from Shelby County to Oldham County, all the way into Lexington, Kentucky. Also scattered about are the stills and rickhouses that produce and hold 95% of the world’s bourbon. Louisville Slugger baseball bats are made right on Main St and distributed to Major League Baseball teams and consumers across the world. Lest we not forget the world’s most legendary race track, Churchill Downs, home to vast horse racing history and, of course, the Kentucky Derby. Yes, Louisville is a unique city indeed. It was difficult to leave, but God had plans for a new adventure… one that may never end.

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