To Liverpool, England

In 2018, we made the decision to move to Liverpool, England. It was during a trip to meet friends and learn about their work with refugees that we really felt called to help. So we spent the next 2 years figuring out how to get back. Liverpool is a fantastic city! It’s not simply known as the home of The Beatles, but also home to stone streets and beautiful architecture. Something that surprised me when I moved here: there are some truly amazing restaurants in Liverpool! Don’t believe what you hear about food in the UK. Between the museums, the iconic red double-decker buses, and the amazing water views, you can’t beat the scenery here. The photo possibilities are endless.

The people in Liverpool are incredibly kind, and while the scouse accent is a tough one to understand, Liverpudlians are happy to repeat anything you don’t understand. Football is life for most people here, and just like in my home town, Liverpool is divided between red and blue: red being Liverpool Football Club, and blue being Everton Football Club. It’s an intense rivalry, and hilarious to witness. Liverpool also happens to be a melting pot of culture and art. In my neighborhood alone there are at least 50 different languages spoken. People from all walks and seasons of life live here and it’s quite refreshing. Plus, they do have horse racing here… so I’m not too far from home.

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