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To San Roque, Spain

Traveling in Europe is much easier and less expensive than traveling in the US. My first journey out of England was to San Roque, Spain. San Roque is a very interesting place. Almost as far south as you can go in Spain, the nearest airport is Gibraltar. First and foremost, you need to have faith in your Pilot, as the Gibraltar runway is one of the smallest in the world, and the wind is fierce and unpredictable. If you make a slight mistake you will either hit the rock of Gibraltar, or land in the sea. I have incredible respect for the pilots who fly into Gibraltar International Airport. Incredible skill is required!

Nonetheless, once you land it’s a small airport, and a simple border cross into La Línea, Spain. Drive 10 minutes north and you land in San Roque. This town of around 34,000 people is situated on a steep hill, so you have great views of the sea, the rock of Gibraltar, and on a clear day you can even see Morocco. The cobblestone streets, wooden shutters, bright colors, white stucco, and terracotta roofing is unmistakeable. There are orange trees everywhere, and the roads are even skinnier than the roads in England. One of the best things about San Roque is proximity to the other amazing things around you. Castellar de la Frontera, a beautiful castle providing even more beautiful views, is just a 30 minute journey in a car. Tarifa, Spain, which is the southernmost point in Europe, is just 30 minutes beyond the castle, and you can stand where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea, or wander through the historic city taking in the sights. I’ll be back to San Roque sooner than later.